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If you click on the diagram, below, the pricking will appear in a pop-up window for you to print or save to disc. After printing you will need to check that the pricking is the correct size for the thread that you intend to use. The dimensions of the original are shown on the diagram. The points from which the measurements are made are:

Top: the single dot where the two tapes meet
Bottom: the space between the two ‘V’s at the bottom of the piece
Left: the space between the two ‘V’s at the left side of the piece
Right: the space between the two ‘V’s at the right side of the piece

These dimensions (104 x 130 mm) are for Mettler 60/2 cotton, but should also be suitable for Madeira or DMC 50/2. The appropriate dimensions for two other threads that you might use for this pattern are:

Madeira 30/2: 150mm x 188mm

Gütermann silk 100/3: 156mm x 195mm

Getting a Print-out of a Suitable Size

Print directly from a Web Page

This is the obvious thing to try first. Unfortunately, differences between web browsers, computers and printers often conspire to prevent one getting a print-out at the original size. In any case, if you are changing threads the size is almost certain to be incorrect. Because of this we have provided a page with prickings at a range of sizes from 100% to 150% of the original. We advise you to start at 130% and, with luck, you should find that the print-out from one of these matches the size that you need.

Download and use the PDF File

We have provided a pdf file with the pricking in a range of sizes. The reason that it might be worth downloading this is that a print-out from the pdf file should retain the actual size (as long as you do not select ‘fit to page’). To read and print pdf files you need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader, which many of you will already find installed on your computers. The pdf file is 1 Mb, so may take a few minutes to download. If you find it opens in a browser window, wait until it has loaded and then save to disc.

Enlarge or Reduce with a Photocopier

If none of the print-outs is close enough to the size that you require you could enlarge or reduce the closest one on a photocopier. The photocopier at your local photocopy shop is likely to have this facility.

Download and Print from a Graphics Program

If you have a graphics program such as ‘PhotoShop’ or ‘Paintshop Pro’ you can download the graphic from the web page and open it in your program. Then you can resize it, if necessary, and print it out. To download from Windows, right-click on the image and chose ‘Save Image As...’. On the Mac you get a similar menu either control-clicking (Explorer) or holding the mouse down (Netscape). On the Mac you can also just drag the image from the browser and drop it directly onto your desktop.