Section 6: Crown and Flower


The crown is made with two gold pairs — plaits and tallies. See the accompanying diagram. Start at A and follow the direction of arrows to work. Side sewings into the head and into the frame.


1. You will need 1 pair gold, 1 white for the flower, which is also shown in the accompanying diagram.

2. Hang the pairs at the tip of the beak, plait to A. Leave a good-sized pinhole (twist each pair three times) at the beginning of the tally, make a white tally to B, double (side) sewing into the frame. Double sewing: made the same way as a regular sewing, but each pair is used as if it were a single thread.

3. Plait back to A, making the plait slightly too long, so that it outlines the tally.

4. Double sewing into A. Repeat for the second white tally (A-C)

5. Double false plait from A to , double sewing into . Double false plait: *TCTC, make a single sewing over the the existing plait*; repeat from * to * as many times as necessary.

6. Plait to D, leave a good-sized pinhole, plait to E. Make tallies and plaits as from A.

7. Double false plait from E to D, plait to H. Make the flower petals like the leaves, but using gold thread for tally weaver.

8. Double false plait back to the beak, plait to N and O, double false plait from O to N, plait to P, make another leaf twig (white tallies), double false plait from P to N and then back to where you started at the tip of the beak.